Modeling Projects

One of my biggest projects to date has been the modeling of T&D Feed. Until 2001 Redmond had an active feed mill business. The structure at 16355 Cleveland Street had a storied past.
The historic property inventory form gives a brief history of the building.
Although it was never nominated for the National Register of Historic Places, T&D Feeds was a unique structure that represented the industrial/rural feel of Redmond.
Building as model of this interesting building has been on my top priority list for a few years now. It's a long way from being completed, but it is slowly progressing. The more historical research I do, the more complex the building becomes. The structure is approximately 6' wide, 7-8' deep (depending on how many of hte outbuildings you include, and 3 1/2 feet tall. I see this building as one of the major focal points on the layout.

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