Friday, June 29, 2018

Redmond and Issaquah

When I first started thinking about modeling this subdivision, I had grand hopes to model a large portion of the two subdivisions, modeling 6-8 towns. I quickly realized that this would be completely unrealistic to accomplish in large scale.

My attention has turned towards two railroad stations; Redmond and Issaquah. These two places have a wide variety of industries and plenty of opportunities for switching. I will give more details about each location in future posts. This narrowing of focus has allowed me to concentrate on modeling the prototype as close as possible.

Revival of Blog

I started this blog many years ago without much thought or insight about how to proceed with both my modeling and blogging. At the time, I didn't understand the connection between modeling and blogs and how it could be useful in my modeling adventures. After reading countless other railroad blogs, including Trevor Marshall's Port Rowan blog, I came to realize how valuable a blog can be to modeling.

That said, my goal is to slowly revive and revamp this blog into something useful for myself and others.

A new post will follow with developments about what I have been up to few years.