Tuesday, December 31, 2013

Scene Selection What to model and what to leave out?

Although I am still very early in the planning stages of layout development, it’s hard to figure out where to cut off specific scenes or industries that I want to model. So far my list of industries and/or scenic features are as follows. More may be added as research develops. 
Station List of Seventh Sub

Station List of Eight Sub

Downtown area including T&D Feeds, and the Redmond Depot
 Building Specialties (this was the name in the 1990’s, not sure if the name was the same, or if a different company own the property in the time frame I’m modeling)
Possible frozen food industry (I just learned out this from a fellow modeler of the subdivision http://www.theinsidegateway.com/Woodinville%20Modelling%20the.htm)
Trestle over Sammamish Slough 

Woodinville Wye Complex and Yard

Woodinville Yard. Doubled Ended Sidings on all tracks

 Bellevue Yard and Associated Industries
This is the 1978 list of industries in Bellevue from the BN SPINS (Shipper Perpetual Industrial Numbering System).

K.L. Beverage (site of present Home Depot store near Wilburton)
Adelphi (site of present Best Buy store next to the above Home Depot)
Mutual Materials (Dock)
Mutual Materials (Hopper) (Just S of NE 8th)
Bellevue Paneling (Immediately N of NE 8th)
Sunset Glass (same siding as Bellevue Paneling. The business is still there!)
Interpace ( near where Whole Foods is now)

All the following are at the Bellevue Yard:
Fibres International
Team Track
Safeway complex on the hill (tracks #1 - #5):
Safeway Stores track #1 (grocery warehouse)
Safeway Stores track #2 (grocery warehouse)
Safeway Stores track #3 (produce warehouse)
Safeway Stores track #4
Safeway Stores track #5 (non-foods warehouse)
Safeway Stores track #5 (frozen juice)
Safeway Stores track #5 (frozen meat)
Western Kraft (dock)
Western Kraft (building)
Sunset Northwest
Safeway Stores Bakery
Societe Candy (syrup spot)
Societe Candy (Warehouse) (this became Vernell's and is now Lowe's)
Ken's Suburban Furniture

Kirkland (Industry List also from BN SPINS)
 Kirkland (Houghton area):
Pneumatic Tube
Seattle Door
Cascade Drywall
Pace Chemical
Old Globe Feed

Kirkland (near downtown):
Kelley Moore paint
Team track (next to existing Kirkland passing track stub)

N. Kirkland (Totem Lake area):
Monotherm Northwest
Durkin Chemical
Bel Square Furniture
American Prefinish
Simpson Building Supply
As a side note I’d like to get a hold of a copy of the BN SPINS during the decade to help figure out what industries were being spotted on a regular basis.

Wilburton Trestle
This is a signature element of the subdivision, but it would be a huge model if build in full size.
Other areas to possibly model
North Bend